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History Class
Math, Sc, LA, SS


Ch. 9 Section 1
Armando E., Jacob L., & Geo N.



This website will help you learn more about the chapter. www.usconstitution.net

In this lesson it talks about the growth of many things such as the Supreme Court, Northern Cities , and Northern Industry. It also talks about the Constitution growing by adding amendments. It also talks about how the president and vice president got elected.

Electoral votes elected them from every state. Also the person who got the highest electoral votes became president. The person with the second highest electoral votes is vice president. Thomas Jefferson  was the president elected in 1800 and Aaron Burr became vice-president.  The problem was that they both got the same amount of electoral votes.  Because of this the House of Representatives had to pick.  They picked Thomas Jefferson only because he was more popular. After that incident, congress passed the 12th amendment.

Jefferson thought that a strong national government was basically like a monarchy.  He wanted to change that by interpreting the Constitution in a different way.   He wanted the states to have more power.  

As many changes took place in the government, northern life changed as America ís lifestyles changed. By the 1800ís more people began living in cities. Because of this, they made more schools, theaters, and libraries. Within a short they had made commercial stores like grocery stores where you could by manufactured goods and farm products.

  Since the North had larger growing cities, which began to industrialize within the early 1800ís. Still, some people still lived by the ways of farming. But when Jefferson was president, trade and manufacturing were becoming more important. 

Because the New England States had unsuited soil for farming, they became more industrial. The north had enough resources for a industrial region. It had good transportation, waterpower, fine harbors and raw materials.

The South was very different.  In the South there was a lot of slavery and farming.  They had many cash crops, which are crops grown to be sold.


Jefferson helped the South to pay taxes. Slavery was common in the South. The main crop was cotton in the South.

With Jefferson the life of many people change greatly.  

About the authors:
Armando E. loves to play soccer and he is Spongebobís greatest fan. 
Jacob L. loves to play video games and to read. He also loves to read Calvin and Hobbes comics
Geo N. loves to play any sport and he loves to play a game on the computer called Runescape.









    1. What was unusual about the Election of 1800?

    2. Who was finally chosen president?

    3. Who was chosen to be vice president?

    4. What was Jefferson's political party?

    5. Who is Spongbob's biggest fan?  


___Jefferson got more electoral votes than Aaron Burr.  

___John Adams was the second president.

___The 12th amendment is how the Supreme Court is picked.

___Jefferson was against a strong state government.

___Cotton was grown in the south.

___The soil in the North was very good.



The Nation Grows

     c9s2 - Rachel B. & Julia W.



The movement of the Americans to the west began even before the Americans won their independence. In the late 1700ís most of the country stayed close to the Atlantic Ocean . But in the 1800ís the focus of America turned to the west. The population of America grew quickly. And the need for lands in the west grew as people began to think the east was becoming overcrowded. Many people began to move west to escape the people.

But until 1803 the United States owned all land up to the Mississippi .

In 1800 Spain signed a treaty that gave France a large piece of land called the Louisiana Territory. This was a threat to the United States because they needed the Mississippi for trade and transportation. The United States was worried they couldnít get to the Mississippi for their trade routes. At the time Napoleon Bonaparte (French leader) was at war and didnít have time (or the money) to go through with his plan to set up a French empire there. Finally he sold the territory to the United States for 15 million dollars.

The land of the Louisiana Purchase no one knew. So Thomas Jefferson (our 3rd President) sent William Clark and Meriwether Lewis along with a Native American named Sacagawea and a slave named York to explore the land. They went all the way to the Pacific Ocean . It took two years. The Southwest was too much desert. And they decided settle in the west and not the southwest.

  After Lewis ands Clark ís expedition many people moved out west. The west became a huge farming industry and the east became a major manufacturing industry. Because of this trade between the east and west grew. Many voters in the west called for the government to notice the needs of the people of the west.

  As the population in the west grew their say in government grew larger and larger. The New Englanders began to think the west would over power the east and out number them in government. The Essex Junto (a group of the New England states) was entirely against the west expansion. The Essex Junto

formed a Northern Confederacy in order to break away from the Union and govern themselves. Alexander Hamilton and other leaders were against the plan and defeated the Essex Junto completely. In the end the United States remained a union.

About the authors:
Rachel B. and Julia W. are Itasca District #10 TEAM7 students in Mr. Peelís 7th Grade Social Studies Class. Hobbies include:
Julia - swimming, volleyball, hanging with friends, reading, going to movies, shopping, and I.M.  people.
Rachel - going to movies, hanging out with friends, I.M people, volleyball, and playing video games.


1. What was the Essex Junto?

2. Why did America's focus move to the west?

3. Which leader shot down the Essex Junto?

4. Which country controlled the Louisiana Territory before the U.S.?

5. Name two other people who went with Lewis and Clark?

6. How much did the U.S. pay for the Louisiana Territory?

7. Who was concerned about the growing influence of the West?

8. Which President sent Lewis and Clark?

9. What did the Essex Junto want to form?

10. How many years were Lewis and Clark Gone?



America and World Affairs

c9s3 - Amanda B. & Jacqueline C.



     In the late 1700ís, America had different attitudes towards France .  However, with Napoleonís rise to power in the early 1800ís, some Americans began to turn against France because the French Revolution gave in to Napoleonís efforts to build a large empire in Europe .  At the same time however, other Americans were against Great Britain because several British policies worked directly against American rights, hopes, and goals.  Impressment  was the seizure of sailors from American ships and one of the British policies that angered Americans.  The causes of American anger toward Great Britain were caused by blockade, (line of defenses) of Europe, Napoleonís need for a large empire, and Great Britain ís blockade against Napoleon for cutting off the system of trade with Europe and America .

    In the early 1800ís, many Americans wanted war against Great Britain , while others wanted to side with them.  Thomas Jefferson was frustrated with some of the British acts, he felt that America wasnít ready yet for war.  Because of this, he followed the path of neutrality, (the policy of favoring neither one side or the other; neutral).  Soon Jefferson found out that the American neutrality was hard to protect. One of the ways he found out was one of the American navy ships ď Chesapeake Ē was fired upon  by the British warship ďLeopardĒ. Several Americans were killed and wounded, and four sailors were impressed. This incident brought the two countries to the edge of war.

   In 1807, Jefferson put an embargo (a halt) on all American trade with Great Britain and France hoping to make the other two countries honor American trade rights.  Unfortunately, the Embargo Act of 1807 hurt America far more than it did for Britain and France because it made many Americans suffer from the loss of money and jobs.  On top of all of this, it failed to make Britain and France agree to honor them.  The Embargo Act of 1807 was later removed by Congress and Thomas Jefferson.

  James Madison entered the White House in 1809 intending to follow Jeffersonís policies of peace and neutrality, but also made his own calls for war against Great Britain .  The War Hawks (a powerful group in Congress) agreed to his ideas.  The War Hawks were led by Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun and put pressure on Madison to go to war.  On the other hand, New England citizens wanted to go to war with France instead.  But in 1812, James Madison finally decided to ask Congress to declare war against Great Britain .

    The United States was not ready to fight such a strong army like Britain , but luckily the British gave most of their attention to the war against Napoleon.  America won many different battles.  Some victories were on Lake Erie that gave America control over the Great Lakes .  Also, the Battle of Thames that opened the Northwest Territory to American Settlement.  Though, the British won many battles as well like the burning of Washington D.C.




   One terrible incident was the Christmas Eve of 1814 that wasted many lives.  This was because two weeks before the Battle of New Orleans was won by America , a treaty was signed to end the war.  And unfortunately, the message did not get to the Americans until after the Battle was fought.  Finally, after the War of 1812, the United States did not become involved in European wars for almost one hundred years.

  In 1814, New England leaders met in Hartford , Connecticut for the Hartford Convention to make peace with Great Britain and to prepare to act as a country separate from the United States .  This convention proved that the statesí rights could become a problem and that New England depended a lot on overseas trade.

  Most blacks in American society of the early 1800ís were slaves and had few, if any, rights under the law.  As the cotton industry grew, slavery in the South became a greater problem.  At the same time though, some Americans began to pay more attention to the black slaves.  Many new movements to free blacks began to gain power in America in the early 1800ís.  Women as well did not get equal rights.  Therefore, the needs of women, like the needs of blacks, began to receive some notice in the years following 1812.

About the authors: Jacqueline C. & Amanda B. are Itasca District #10  TEAM 7 student in Mr. Peelís 7th Grade Social Studies Class. Hobbies include: Jacqueline- playing sports especially soccer, hanging around with my friends, talk on the phone and computer, and shopping at Woodfield!
Amanda-  hanging out with friends, going to the movies, talking on the phone, playing sports, shopping, computer!


1.     What were the cause(s) of American anger toward Great Britain?

A.   Blockade

B.    Napoleonís need for a new Empire

C.   The cutting off of system trade by Great Britain

D.   All of the above

2.     What was the path that Thomas Jefferson followed through out his life?

A.   War

B.    Neutrality

C.   Freedom

D.   Trade

3.     Why did the Embargo Act of 1807 fail?

A.   Wasnít strong enough

B.    Cost to much money to keep running

C.   Britain and France failed to honor them

D.   New England and Germany failed to be loyal to them

4.     What were the ďWar Hawks?Ē

A.   Royal birds

B.    Powerful group in Congress

C.   Hawks that fought in the War of 1812

D.   They never existed

5.     Why was the United States lucky in the war against Britain in 1814?

A.   The British had to give more attention to the war against Napoleon

B.    They found a four-leaf clover

C.   The Americans had more people to fight

D.   They knew the lands better than Britain

6.     Why were many lives wasted on Christmas Eve of 1814?

A.   Because the British didnít show up so they froze

B.    Because two weeks before they fought there was a treaty signed

C.   Because it was to cold to fight

D.   None of these

7.     Why was the Hartford Convention called in New England?

A.   To make peace with Germany

B.    To have war against Jamaica

C.   To make peace with Great Britain and to prepare to be separate from the United States

D.   To make peace with the United States and prepare to be closer to them

8.     Why did slavery become a greater problem in the South in the early 1800ís?

A.   There was more white people to serve

B.    No one wanted them

C.   People were more greedy back then

D.   The cotton industry grew

9.     In what year did women and the blacks began to receive more attention?

A.   1813

B.    1814

C.   1812

D.   1807

10.  When did the Embargo Act of 1807 pass?

A.   December 22, 1807

B.    September 18, 1814

C.   February 5, 1812

D.   July 4, 1807



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